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About Us

Highlands Community Charter School is an adult-serving charter school, recently approved by Twin Rivers USD.  By California Regulation, through our exclusive partnership with a Workforce Investment Act organization,our school will assist adults who previously dropped out, to obtain their California high school diploma.  Further, we will be able to assist students who need more basic skills, such as immigrants who wish to learn English, who do not have a U.S. high school diploma, to obtain these skills by enrolling in adult-focused primary education. While our initial school will be only for those students who do not have a U.S. high school diploma, we plan to open a post-secondary technical school in the future that will run in tandem with the charter school to ensure that we can serve all adults who wish to gain academic and career technical education.

Our education in all our schools will include both academic and career technical components, such that graduates will not only receive an academic credential (high school diploma, etc.) but also will receive real-world job skills in a variety of career fields.  The first career pathway we will be offering is in truck driving, which can provide graduates, of many backgrounds, a good living wage.